The shadows of Netheril cloud the hearts and minds of those that hold Cormyr and the Dalelands dear. Their enemies no longer meet them openly in the field of battle. The Netherese, driven by wicked Shade masters and aided by Sembian puppets, hound Cormyr on all sides. They operate with cloak and dagger at night and walk the streets openly by day in the guise of merchants and aristocrats, infiltrating the highest levels of Cormyrian government.

The people called out to their defenders, the Purple Dragon Knights, to no avail. Yet their cries were not unheeded. Their prayers were not unheard. A few brave souls answered the call, shedding their own righteousness to fight the clandestine war.

The Black Dragon Society is alive and well, and it will stop at no end to rid its proud country of the Netherese scourge.

The Black Dragon Society